5.00 Gift Challenge

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$5.00 Gift Challenge

If you could provide a LOVE gift to a stranger in need, what would it be?

A nutritious Meal; words of Encouragement when needed most?  How about providing Refuge for a homeless person or family?  Would you Respond to the needs of someone you see or meet, or would you walk right by them?  How about the giving of Your time, a friendly smile or a listening ear?

Only with Compassion and your Help are we able to make a difference in our community.  Now, more than ever, we Realize that there are many that have an Inadequate supply of food or often have no place to live.  Only with your financial Support are we able to reach people in such a Tender way and Minister to them the LOVE everyone needs.

As we come into the New Year, take a few moments and reflect on your blessings this past year.  Then, Ask yourself, what gift could you give to others with so little?  Please consider making a minimum $5.00 donation to Friends of Peace of Bread and become a “Piece of the Peace” by helping to Sustain the work of the Peace of Bread Community Kitchen, Peace of Music, the Blackstone Valley Emergency Shelter, Prime Time for Kids and other service based ministries of the United Presbyterian Church in Whitinsville.   Help us reach our goal of $10,000.00 by year end by giving and sharing this challenge.

                                         MERRY CHRISTMAS!

P.S.  If you make your donation by Dec. 31st, you will be able to claim it on your 2017 taxes.

*Make checks payable to Friends of Peace of Bread or go on line to use Paypal:  www.whitinpres.org/friends/

Friends of Peace of Bread                                                                                    

51 Cottage

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*Want to find out more on how to volunteer, please visit our website at www.whitinpres.org