Piece of Peace August 2016

Hasn’t it been a beautiful summer so far?! We are so fortunate to have the changes the four seasons bring us in New England. We do tend to feel the summer heat a bit more on Wednesday nights while we are volunteering at Peace of Bread though. Whew! It sure does get hot down in our Fellowship Hall! We are very grateful to our faithful volunteer groups who still show up & cook on the steamy days of summer. Whether it is a hot meal or cold summer meal, we are grateful.
Recently PoB was gifted with a very special donation of three big, beautiful new electric fans to help cool our Fellowship Hall down during our Wednesday night dinners. As I have shared many times, we are blessed with many “angels” who give sacrificially & anonymously to the PoB ministry in ways both big and small. This recent donation is one such example. Sacrificial giving to help others. We are very thankful for this generous & thoughtful donation.

If anyone has been in our church kitchen recently you have surely seen our shiny, new convection oven! What an amazing donation this is. A true answer to prayer! (and a dream come true for our Chef in Residence Pete!!) Cooking for 150 people every Wednesday with just one oven has always been a challenge. Now with the addition of this new convection oven it will be so much easier and quicker! We would like to thank Danny & Dottie Salmon for this wonderful donation to the Peace of Bread Ministry. The donation also included the cost of the electrician and plumber! So, so great! *Chef Pete will give those interested a tutorial on how to use the convection oven. Again our deepest thanks to the Salmon Family for this incredible donation.

As many of you know, we have been finding it extremely challenging to keep our food pantry stocked this past year, and even more so this summer. We do have several generous groups and individuals who have been dropping of food donations to help us out though! Thank you to everyone who stops by with donations. We really appreciate all your help so much!!

We have also been blessed with some fabulous fresh produce to give away. Thank you Ms. Travers & the NHS Community Garden workers! Thanks also to our own Farmer Phoebe!

Soooo…when I say “God is good!” You know I really mean it! We are truly blessed at Peace of Bread. To be able to reach out to our community and offer the help & love we do is an awesome thing to be a part of…and having all this help and love come overflowing back to us is truly a gift from God.
May we continue to be “United in Christ to feed His people body & soul.”