Piece of Peace June 2017

Seeing God Provide

Ok here goes…two weeks ago we received a huge donation from Beaumont Nursing Home of sheets and blankets. We were able to help so many of the folks at Peace of Bread. After all our folks took what they needed, we still had several bags of sheets & blankets left over. I prayed, “Lord why so many? What are we to do with them all?”

A day after Peace of Bread I ran into Denise, a very dear and sweet person. One look up and a HUGE thank you to God. She was able to take them to a women’s shelter in Worcester. They took what they needed…and then the rest went to a Veterans group in Worcester! Soooo many people helped by this wonderfully huge donation.

It just amazes me week after week seeing what God does and putting just the right people there at just the right time! 😉 Yes, I call them “God winks!”  I recently saw someone get a much better job through people they met at Peace of Bread, which helps His whole family. Someone who comes in and can’t stay for dinner but “Can I go to the food pantry?” Of course! They are moving out of state and needed snack food and easy meals for the trip.  We had one last box of granola bars, that’s right they were hers, and the last bottle of juice, and we even still had individual fruit cups that were donated just this week. Amen! God is good.

Sylvia Sabourin