Piece of Peace September 2016

September 23, 2016 marks our 13th full year of service at Peace of Bread. Wow! Who knew when we started all those years ago, feeding one hungry & grateful person on our first night, that here we would be thirteen years later feeding an average of 120+ people a night. What a blessing & joy (& lets be real a ton of hard work) it has been to serve side by side with all of our faithful, enthusiastic & totally awesome volunteers. Hasn’t God truly blessed us all in mighty ways?!
Think of the thousands of people we have fed and ministered to. Just for fun….Look at it this way:
120 meals X 52 weeks = 6,240 X 13 years = 81,120 *(Minus 120 for the ONE week we couldn’t open because of the hurricane that knocked out power at the church for 5 days!) So…
Approximately 81,000 meals served to folks in our community!!!! Whew!