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Sep 18 2021, Discerning the Vision, Rev Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Sep 05 2021, Food for the Faithful, Rev Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Aug 29 2021, New Rules Part Deux, Rev. Amy Fowler,watch

Aug 22 2021, Responding to a Miracle, Austin Reichert, watch

Aug 15 2021, Sacrifice, Rev. Jim Stover, watch

Aug 8 2021, New Rules, Rev. Amy Fowler, watch

Aug 1 2021, The Bread of Life, Rev. Jim Stover, watch

July 25 2021, Filled with the Fullness of God, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

July 18 2021, Meeting at the Corner, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

July 11 2021, Sent Forth with Authority, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

July 4 2021, Called, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

June 27 2021, The Grace of Giving, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

June 20 2021, The Benefit of Storms, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

June 13 2021, The Greatest Lesson Ever Taught, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

June 6 2021, Blindness and Insanity, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

May 30 2021, Let Us Never Forget, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

May 23 2021, Like the Sound of a Mighty Wind, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

May 16 2021, Sightings of Jesus: Jerusalem, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

May 9 2021, Sightings of Jesus: Galilee, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

May 2 2021, Sightings of Jesus: By the Sea, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Apr 25 2021, Sightings of Jesus: The Upper Room II, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Apr 18 2021, Sighting of Jesus: The Upper Room, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Apr 11 2021, Sightings of Jesus: On the Road, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Apr 04 2021, Weeping at the Empty Tomb, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Mar 28 2021, The World Has Gone After Him, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Mar 21 2021, Wandering Away Returning Home, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Mar 14 2021, What Do You Mean Believe?, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Mar 7 2021, Wisdom of Fools Folly of Wise, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Feb 28 2021, Covenant of Faith, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Feb 21 2021, For This Reason I Came, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Feb 14 2021, For This Reason I Came, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Jan 31 2021, Discern the Prophets, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Jan 24 2021,The Time is Short, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Jan 17 2021,New Beginnings, Austin Reichert, watch

Jan 10 2021,What just Happened Here?, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Jan 3 2021,Gifts for the Magi, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Dec 27 2020,Nativity Realities and Folklore: The Magi, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Dec 20 2020,Nativity Realities and Folklore: Stable Innkeeper and Child, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Dec 13 2020,Nativity Realities and Folklore: Joseph, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Dec 6 2020,Nativity Realities and Folklore: Mary, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Nov 29 2020,Prophecy A Messiah Will Come, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Nov 22 2020,Gathered Around the Table, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Nov 15 2020,Covenantal Unity, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Nov 8 2020,As For Me and My House, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Nov 1 2020,For All the Saints, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Oct 25 2020,Treasure In Clay Pots, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Oct 18 2020,Who Will Go With Me, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Oct 11 2020,Invited by the King, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Oct 4 2020,Having the Same Love, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Sept 27 2020,The Proud and the Humble, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Sept 20 2020,Compassionate Employer, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Sept 13 2020,Our Confession, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

Sept 6 2020,Borrowing Trouble, Rev. M. Shea McGinnis, watch

Aug 30 2020,Divine and Human, Rev. Jim Stover, watch

Aug 23 2020,What is Your Response, Chase Grogan, watch

Aug 16 2020,Grace Finds Us, Rev. M. Shea McGinnis, watch

Aug 9 2020,Walking on Water, Rev. Jim Stover, watch

Aug 2 2020,More Than Enough, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

July 26 2020,Tell Us About the Kingdom of Heaven, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

July 19 2020, Life In the Spirit, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

July 12 2020, Who Are Followers of Jesus, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

July 5 2020, Joy Comes With the Morning, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

June 28 2020, Walk in Newness of Life, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

June 21 2020, Hope That Does Not Disappoint, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

June 14 2020, Help Wanted Now Hiring, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

June 7 2020, God the Father Son and Holy Spirit, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

May 10 2020, Grow Up, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

April 26 2020, Open Our Eyes, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

April 19 2020, New Birth Into a Living Hope, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

April 19 2020, Risen, UPCoW Children’s Choir, watch

April 12 2020, He is Alive, Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff, watch

March 29 2020,A House of Prayer,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

March 22 2020,Alone With God,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

March 15 2020,Asking and Not Receiving,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

March 8 2020,Praying in Spirit and Truth,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

March 1 2020,The Master Teacher,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

February 23 2020,Dazzling Moment of Faith,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

February 16 2020,The Choice is Yours,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

February 9 2020,Consequence of Giving,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

February 2 2020,Blessed by Emptiness,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

January 26 2020,Lead Us Through Temptation,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

January 19 2020,God Shows No Partiality,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

January 12 2020,Fulfilling the Law,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

January 5 2020,Light in the Darkness,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

December 29 2019,Seekers and Searchers,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

December 22 2019,The Angels and the Shepherds,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

December 15 2019,Angels of Advent: The Angel and Joseph,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

December 8 2019,Angels of Advent: Gabriel and Mary,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

December 1 2019,Angels of Advent: Gabriel and Zechariah,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

November 24 2019,Thanks Be to God,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

November 17 2019,The Supremacy of Christ,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

November 10 2019,The Resurrection,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

October 27 2019,Sola Fide,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

October 20 2019,The New Covenant and Contemporary Living,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

October 13 2019,Faith-Full Gratitude,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

October 6 2019,All Nations Will Bow Down Before Him,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Sept 29 2019,Use This Life Wisely,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Sept 22 2019,Absolute Dependence,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Sept 15 2019,The Cost of Following Jesus,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Sept 8 2019,Hearing the Voice of God,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Sept 1 2019,The Leaven of the Pharisees,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Aug 25 2019,Sabbath,Rev. James Stover,watch

Aug 18 2019,How Far Will You Go For Christ?,Rev. Aida Spencer,watch

Aug 11 2019,Is Now the Right Time?,Elder Austin Reichert,watch

Aug 4 2019,Inseparable,Rev. Dr. Tom Ballard,watch

July 28 2019,Midnight Friend,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

July 21 2019,Dining in and Dining Out,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

July 7 2019,The Labor of the Lambs,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

June 30 2019,God’s Creation: To Be Continued,Rev. Andrew Heisen,watch

June 23 2019,All My Children,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

June 16 2019,Three in One,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

June 9 2019,Empowered,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

June 2 2019,Jesus Final Command Wait,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

May 26 2019,Called to Spread the Gospel,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

May 19 2019,A Heritage of Generosity,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

May 12 2019,Full of Acts of Mercy,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

May 5 2019,No! STOP!,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

April 28 2019,Brothers and Sisters of Thomas,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

April 21 2019,The Courage of Love,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

April 7 2019,Ask In My Name Complete Joy,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Mar 31 2019,Ask in My Name Fruit Bearing Branches,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Mar 24 2019,Ask in My Name,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Mar 10 2019,In the Wilderness with the Spirit,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Mar 3 2019,The Prophets and the Son,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Feb 24 2019,Love My Enemies?,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Feb 17 2019,Worship in Spirit ad Truth,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Feb 10 2019,Seraphims and Boats,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Feb 3 2019,Do What We Want You to Do,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Jan 27 2019,In the Power of the Spirit,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Jan 13 2019,Jesus Immersion,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Jan 6 2019,Revealed to the Gentiles,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Dec 30 2018,Stories of Christmas Children of God,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Dec 23 2018,What Child Is This,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Dec 16 2018,Stories of Advent Mary,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Dec 9 2018,Stories of Advent Joseph,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Dec 2 2018,Stories of Advent Zechariah,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Nov 25 2018,Ruler of Kings,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Nov 18 2018,Joyful Thanks,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Nov 11 2018,Jesus the People Watcher,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Nov 5 2018,So Great a Cloud of Witnesses,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Oct 28 2018,I Can’t Hold My Peace,Chase Grogan,watch

Oct 21 2018,Follow-Who?,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Oct 7 2018,Seated in the Empty Chair,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Sept 30 2018,Esther’s Story,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Sept 23 2018,Messiah Love,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Sept 16 2018,The Most Important Question You Will Ever Be Asked,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Sept 9 2018,Whom are You Friending,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Sept 2 2018,Listen for the Planted Word,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

Aug 26 2018,I Am Your Daily Bread,Chase Grogan,watch

Aug 19 2018,Its Deeper Than You Think,Chase Grogan,watch

Aug 12 2018,Our Prodigal Father,Rev. Bart Kelso,watch

Aug 5 2018,Filled with the Fullness of God,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

July 29 2018,Called and Gifted,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

July 22 2018,Fellow Citizens,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

July 15 2018,Jesus Prophet Without Honor,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

July 8 2018,Life Restored,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

July 1 2018,Healed by Faith,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

June 17 2018,Making the Old New,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

June 10 2018,Wanna Be’s?,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

June 3 2018,Speak Lord Your Servant Hears,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

May 27 2018,Father Son and Holy Spirit One God or Three,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

May 20 2018,Picking Up the Mantle,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

May 13 2018,He Ascended into Heaven,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch

May 6 2018,Where Does Faith Come From,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

April 22 2018,Knowing Our Shepherd,Rev. Dr. Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

April 15 2018,Risen and Unrecognized,Rev. Bart Kelso,watch,listen

April 8 2018,Zacchaeus A Changed Life,Rev. Kevin Campbell,watch,listen

April 1 2018,The Basis of Belief,Rev. Dr Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

March 25 2018,Ride on in Majesty,Rev. Dr Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

March 18 2018,Abide in Christ,Rev. Dr Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

March 11 2018,The New Commandment,Rev. Dr Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

February 25 2018,Covenants and Faith,Rev. Dr Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

February 18 2018,Sign of the Covenant,Rev. Dr Susan DeHoff,watch,

February 11 2018,This is My Son,Rev. Dr Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

February 4 2018,Water and Wine,Rev. Dr Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

January 28 2018,Who is Jesus,Rev. Dr Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

January 21 2018,Walking where Jesus Walked,Danielle Redden,watch,listen

January 14 2018,Responding to the Call of God,Kevin Campbell,watch

December 31 2017,Christmas Reflections,Austin Reichert,watch,listen

December 24 2017,God is with Us,Denis Hardy,watch,listen

December 10 2017,The Beginning,Denis Hardy,watch,listen

December 3 2017,Advent: Celebrating & Waiting,Rev. Dr Susan DeHoff,watch,

November 19 2017,The God of Redemption,Rev. Kevin Campbell,watch,listen

November 12 2017,The God of Provision,Rev. Kevin Campbell,watch,listen

November 5 2017,How Do I Know I Am Right with God,Rev. Dr Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

October 29 2017,Resounding Faith,Austin Reichert,watch,listen

October 22 2017,Guarded By His Peace,Denis Hardy,watch,listen

October 15 2017,Lest I Forget,Danielle Redden,watch,listen

October 8 2017,Already But Not Yet,Denis Hardy,watch,listen

October 1 2017,Living By Imitation,Alisa Secrest,watch

September 24 2017,Provision for the Journey,Susan DeHoff,watch,listen

September 17 2017,The Power of Touch,Kevin Campbell,watch,listen

August 27 2017,Hold Fast,Austin Reichert,watch,listen

August 20 2017,This But Not That,Danielle Redden,watch,listen

August 13 2017,Down But Not Out,Denis Hardy,watch,listen

August 6 2017,Hungry People,Rev Jim Stover,watch,listen

July 30 2017,An Epistle to the United Presbyterian Church,Renn Serna,watch,listen

July 23 2017,Following the Call,Renn Serna,watch,listen

July 9 2017,There is a Time for Everything,Renn Serna,watch,listen

June 25 2017,One Part of the Story,Renn Serna,watch,listen

June 18 2017,Welcome Blessings,Cindy Kohlmann,watch,listen

June 11 2017,At the Junction of Art and Suffering,Danielle Redden,watch,listen

June 4 2017,Dry Bones Come Alive,Renn Serna,watch,listen

May 28 2017,I Am the Vine,Renn Serna,watch,listen

May 21 2017,I Am the Way the Truth and the Life,Renn Serna,watch,listen

May 14 2017,I Am the Good Shepherd,Austin Reichert,watch,listen

May 7 2017,I Am the Bread of Light,Renn Serna,watch,listen

Apr 30 2017,I Am the Gate,Renn Serna,watch,listen

Apr 23 2017,I Am the Light of the World,Renn Serna,watch,listen

Apr 16 2017,I Am the Resurrection and the Life,Renn Serna,watch,listen

Apr 2 2017,Seven Deadly Sins -Dying to Gluttony Rising to Communion,Renn Serna,watch,listen

Mar 26 2017,Seven Deadly Sins -Dying to Sloth Rising to Zeal,Renn Serna,watch,listen

Mar 5 2017,Seven Deadly Sins -Dying to Anger Rising to Righteous Indignation,Renn Serna,watch,listen

Feb 26 2017,Seven Deadly Sins – Envy,Renn Serna,watch,listen

Feb 12 2017,Choosing Life Moving with the Spirit,Kristin Rinehimer,watch,listen

Feb 5 2017,Grace in Weakness,Renn Serna,watch,listen

Jan 29 2017,Grace in Trials,Renn Serna,watch,listen

Jan 15 2017,Grace in Freedom,Renn Serna,watch,listen

Jan 1 2017,The Acts of Kindness,Austin Reichert,watch,listen

Dec 18 2016,Following the Star,Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Dec 11 2016,Believing in the Emmanuel,Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Dec 4 2016,Searching for the Bright Morning Star,Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Nov 27 2016,Hospitality – Finding Hope in the Christ Child,Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Nov 20 2016, Thanksgiving Sharing, ,watch,listen

Nov 6 2016,Hospitality – Becoming the Merciful Neighbor,Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Oct 30 2016,Hospitality – Welcoming Those We Hold Most Dear,Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Oct 24 2016,Hospitality – Inviting the Authentic Self, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Oct 16 2016,Hospitality – Welcoming God, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Oct 9 2016,Half Truths – Love the Sinner Hate the Sin, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Oct 2 2016,Half Truths – God Said it I Believe it that Settles it, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Sept 25 2016,Half Truths – God Won’t Give You More than You Can Handle, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Sept 11 2016,Half Truths – Everything Happens for a Reason, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Sept 4 2016,Abraham:Following God’s Call, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Aug 28 2016,Practicing the Presence of God, Bobby Outterson-Murphy,watch,listen

Aug 21 2016,Esther:for Such a Time as This, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Aug 14 2016,Go and Do Likewise, Danielle Redden,watch,listen

Aug 7 2016,Moses:Depending on God, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

July 31 2016,Jonah: Running From God, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

July 24 2016,Living Growing and Responding Like an Acts Church, Austin Reichert,watch,listen

July 17 2016, Caleb & Joshua: Overcoming the Impossible, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

July 10 2016, Samuel-Hearing God’s Voice, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

July 3 2016, Hannah-Praying in Pain, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

June 26 2016, Church-The Temple of God, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

June 19 2016, Church-The Royal Priesthood, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,

June 12 2016, Church-Ambassadors for Christ, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

June 5 2016, Church-the Bride of Christ, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

May 29 2016,Church-Citizens of Heaven, Pastor Renn Serna,watch

May 15 2016,Filled with the Spirit, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

May 8 2016,Peace, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Apr 24 2016,The Good Shepherd, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Apr 17 2016,Feed My Sheep, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Apr 10 2016,Blessed Doubt, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Mar 27 2016,This Changes Everything, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Mar 20 2016,Growing Deeper: Suffering, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Mar 13 2016,Growing Deeper: Fellowship, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Mar 6 2016,Growing Deeper: Generosity, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Feb 28 2016,Growing Deeper: Scripture, Rev. Jim Stover,watch,listen

Feb 21 2016,Growing Deeper: Prayer, Pastor Diane Cusumano,watch,listen

Feb 14 2016,Growing Deeper: Silence & Solitude, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Feb 7 2016,Encountering Jesus on the Mountaintop and Beyond, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Jan 31 2016,Endless Love, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Jan 24 2016,The Mission of God, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Jan 17 2016,Abundant Grace, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,

Jan 10 2016,Remembering Your Baptism, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Jan 3 2016,Our GIFTS for the King, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Dec 20 2015,BELIEVE in His Promise, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Dec 13 2015,PREPARE Our Hearts for Jesus, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Dec 6 2015,REJOICE in the Gift, Austin Reichert,watch

Nov 29 2015,Put Your HOPE in Jesus, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Nov 15 2015,The End is Near, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Nov 8 2015,All In, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Nov 1 2015,Love One Another, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Oct 25 2015,The Blind Set Free, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Oct 18 2015,Servant of All, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Oct 11 2015,Suffering and Salvation, Pastor Diane Cusumano,watch,

Oct 4 2015,For or Against Us, Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Sept 27 2015, Rallying for God, Pastor Renn Serna, watch,listen

July 7 2015,A Wide Welcome,Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

May 10 2015,To Whom Much is Given – Much is Required,Rev. Diane Cusumano,watch,listen

May 5 2015,Abide in Me,Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

April 26 2015,The Unfinished Flock,Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

April 12 2015,Doubting Thomas,Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

April 5 2015,The Unexpected Jesus,Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen

Jan 18 2015,Upward – Outward – Onward,Pastor Renn Serna,watch,listen